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Irish Men and Grooming in 2017

October 26, 2017



Men’s grooming is a term that hasn’t really been on the typical Irish mans radar in recent times. Shopping for moisturisers and styling products just isn’t the done thing. Grooming has traditionally meant a can of Lynx (Africa!), a Tesco shower gel and a tub of Brylcreem - bought by either the Mrs or the mother!


But gradually things have changed. Men are becoming more aware of their appearance and looking well. However, this doesn’t mean that men are suddenly swarming the chemists and spa’s and spending thousands of euros, and hours of time. Men’s grooming is a very different thing to women’s grooming. Speed and ease of use has always been key - but now reliable and effective products which will aid a man to look well are just as important; and no, this doesn’t mean sweet scents, soft skin and flickable hair(!!). But, masculine scents, soaps to clean out a days hard work, hair products that give control and style without needing a hairdryer, straightener and a stylist! This is modern mens grooming.

For an example of this you need look no further than the current (and seemingly here to stay) beard craze. Whilst some women believe it is laziness on behalf of men I beg to differ........kind is men actually thinking about their appearance and liking the idea of a new bearded them - it is a way of defining ones masculinity and style. Plus, not having to shave every day is just awesome!

The problem is how do you look after a beard? An unkempt, dirty and scratchy beard can be a pretty awful thing. This is where Beardsmith Beard Care & Mens Grooming comes in. Our range of products is simple, effective and designed with natural and masculine scents. They will keep men, and there beards, clean, healthy and stylish. These high quality and natural products are handmade on the Wild Atlantic Way in Kerry and contain no chemicals. Exceptional product reviews, a rapidly growing customer base and stockist list, show that Beardsmith is getting modern mens grooming right.

The full Beardsmith range, and stockists, can be viewed and purchased at

Beardsmith can be followed on Facebook and Instagram @beardsmithbeardcare and Twitter @MattBeardsmith 

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