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Privacy & GDPR

To protect your privacy and respect your rights Beardsmith will not collect any data, or use any data that is given without declaring it and obtaining permission first.

Beardsmith uses a number of tools to aid in improving our customer experience and accurate marketing of our range. Here is a simplified description of what we may do, or, collect:

When you purchase from Beardsmith you will be asked for contact information such as email address. This data will not be used to contact you except in direct relation to your order. For further contact permission must first be obtained. Beardsmith uses PayPal and Stripe for payments.

When you sign up to the Beardsmith mailing list your data is securely saved and will only be used by Beardsmith for Beardsmith related mailings.

Google Analytics is used to tell Beardsmith where people are hearing about Beardsmith online and where on the internet they can access our website from.

Facebook remarketing - Beardsmith utilises Facebook for marketing purposes. When somebody signs up to, and uses, Facebook permission is given to allow Facebook to track and record certain data. This gives a snapshot of somebodies interests. By using Facebook Ads Beardsmith utilises this data to market our range and find new customers.

Beardsmith uses a service called Hotjar which enables us to view visitors time on our website and see what areas are most viewed. This viewing data is anonymously recorded and used to improve the website.

For more detailed information on all of this see the below links:

PayPal privacy:

Stripe privacy:

Facebook info:

Facebook opt out:

Facebook  privacy:

Google privacy:

Google Analytics opt out: Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on

Hotjar privacy:

Hotjar opt out: opt-out link